Skrotes & Boiling Point

Above: Preliminary sketch.
Artwork for a split seven inch vinyl record pairing the Skrotes from Portugal and Boiling Point from Slovakia. The skating zombie imagery was suggested by the bands. The record, released late 2012, had been co-produced by eight microlabels so it might be distributed and available near you if you live in the Eurozone.


Loosen your belts

Illustration done for a collective book published last January. This is about the environmentalist protest movement against an airport project done by the civil engineering company Vinci around Nantes, France. Tree hugger hippie stuff, for what i care... More info about the book here: http://www.detachezvosceintures.net/


Outrage Fatigue

Small scratchboards drawings for a limited issue fanzine, each original panel sizes 8x12 centimeters.


Down & Out

Back for revenge...
My official site is now ready, covering a selection of works done between 1990 to 2011, check it there: ivanbrun.tanibis.net 



This blog hadn't been updated since last August 2011. Times flies so it seems. Some new projects on the way. Will try to get my shit together and post more material here during 2012. End of transmission.


Maximum RocknRoll

Just got my copies from the MRR September issue.
It includes a 4 page article about my works and my passion for violent hard core punk music within the french context of the late 80's until now.
The drawing used for the cover was inspired by some manga, used for an unofficial Lip Cream t-shirt designed and screen printed at two copies back in 1991, old stuff...


Freak Out!

Cover and illustrations done for the Freak Out! music fanzine.
This nice publication is printed at 300 copies on a A3 newspaper format.
Feature mostly obscure contemporary punk music...
Check it out there: http://freakoutzine.tumblr.com/


Manila Signings - Sputnik

Some views from the signing.
Sputnik is a nice tiny shop selling mostly U.S. and Filipino indie comics, some local zines, as well as toys and figurines.
Definitely a cool place to hang out on week-end evenings if you happen to visit Metro Manila.
Some samples of the Philippine fanzine production...


Manila Signings - Comics Odyssey

After a two months hiatus, think its time to update this blog a little bit...
Here's a few pictures from the First signing at the Comics Odyssey bookstore In Ortigas.
Thanks to the people who came and bought the albums, thanks also to Rowena and Sandy Sansolis for making it possible.
If you're curious, some more pictures of the event can be found here.

Aside from that, i will be attending the Grand Salon festival in Lyon this week-end, doing a mural painting and presenting some old canvases there. Saturday 14th and Sunday May 15th.


Book Signing in Manila

Can't really update this blog for the moment. But thing is there will be two book signing sessions planned in Metro Manila, Philippines.

First one will be happening at Comics Odyssey, third floor or Robinson's Mall at Ortigas, on Saturday March 26th.
Second one occurs the next week at Sputnik, Cubao X, formerly known as the Marikina Shoe Expo, on Saturday April 2nd.

There will be copies of No Comment and War Songs sold there, unfortunately in very limited supply.

Here's a small vid that was broadcasted on the French TV back in January 16th, even if it lasts 2 minutes and sixteen seconds, it may take some time to load on some computers...


Book Signing

Everything went well, thanks for the people who came for the signature and the Bachi-Bouzouk store owners for making it possible.
I will be attending the Angoulème comics festival this week-end. I'll be signing copies of "No Comment" and "War Songs" at the Glénat stand Saturday from 17h to 20h and Sunday from 14h to16h.



Back on track for 2011 with some new ongoing projects.
This illustration was done exclusively for an ex-libris printed at 200 copies by the the Bachi-Bouzouk comic bookstore.
There is an exhibition of my pages going on there until March 13th.


Sex och Krig pt.2

Excerpt from the Alt Com comic festival program...

Illustrations done for a little anthology pocket book especially printed for the festival.
Printed at one thousand copies and distributed for free. A good initiative for sure.

Gathering contributions from Ho Che Anderson, Ville Ranta, Ina Korneliussen, Karolina Bang,
Moacir Martins, Amalia Alvarez, Howard Hardiman, Adam Boman, Rauni Maneo & Sonja Or, Mika Lietzen, Simon Petersen, Cav Bogelund, Dennis Gustavsson, Emre Özdamarlar, Sofia Lindh, Bo Ashi, Helena Hellman, Samuel Larsson, Ainur Elmgren, Mattias Elftorp, Danijel Zezelj, Sarah Kläpp, Jirki Heikinnen, Jakob Orsted & Soren Mosdal, Lisa Ewald, Spyros Verykios, Nicolas Krizan, Nik Neves, Chad Verril, Meme Zabratta Studio, johanna Rojola, Aino Sutinen, Lucas Holmqvist, Elise Rosberg, Ofog, Henri Gylander, Mina Svensson, Oskar Aspman, Nedzad Maksumic and Valerio Bindi.
it features diverse approaches on the Sex and War theme, done by beginner comic artists and more confirmed professionals altogether.

Some local press coverage of the event:

That painting was quite huge as you can see...


Sex & Krig

This painting, sizing approximatively 265cm high on 380 wide, was realized within two days in Malmö, Sweden, for the Alt Com independent comics festival. The main theme of the festival was titled "Sex & War", then the content presented dealt mostly with socio-political or gender issues.
That painting is a parodic comment about the Eden Abergil case.