Strong As Ten

Lil' summer illustration work.
This is an artwork for a split seven inch vinyl record featuring two French hardcore bands Strong As Ten and Koenigstein Youth. As both bands are coming from cities with a great industrial past from the 19th century to the late seventies, and both share mutual interest for late 80's "thrash", then i took inspiration from Bernt & Hilla Becher post industrial photo work and mid eighties "splatter-core" bands visuals such as Septic Death, Fear Itself or Negative Gain record covers to get this result.


Cover Study, at last...

Finally, i nailed it.
that will be the cover for my upcoming comic book, which is under the presses right now, and will be officially released in bookstores for September 8th to 10th.
Unfortunately, the multinational logos appearing on the camouflage jacket won't be shown on the printed version. To my regret, because i think the drawing loses a lot of its sense and its impact by removing these. This is mainly due to copyright infringement issues and fear of litigation from my publisher, fine with me... After drawing many scenes of murder, rape and torture without any problems as long as my material is aimed at mature readers, it seems i passed close to the ultimate taboo in terms of drawn representation. While corporate logos are polluting our visual environment in public spaces, and while were subjected daily to hundreds of advertising messages, i came to realize we are forbidden as simple citizens or artists to fight back by scratching their image.
Desecrate and create...


State Poison

Record cover illustration for the ear-damaging French punk band State Poison. Haven't seen the printed result yet, unfortunately the release had been delayed due to some vinyl pressing issues...
The lucky State Poison guys are now boarding a plane going to Japan for a twenty days tour, playing with great local punk bands like Crow, Nightmare, Death Dust Extractor, Isterismo, NK6, Slang, Conga Fury, attack SS, D-Clone, Unarm, System Fucker and lots more i didn't listened to yet or never heard about...



Four pages published in the July issue of "L'echo des Savanes".
Note that the small pictograms i'm generally using in the speech balloons had been replaced by words.
The magazine chief editor feared that the pictograms were way too intricate and confusing for the vast majority of the readers, so he suggested replacing them by single words.
That's a brilliant idea for sure, and i think i will be working in that direction in the near future...

Nevertheless, you can try reading the unaltered version of that complicated, undecipherable little story below.
It was directly inspired by real facts regarding security issues in Iraq.


Finished Product

The Zerocratie CD and the Mexican pressing of the Coche Bomba CD are finally out. Regarding the printing quality and color reproduction, everything went out fine.


Fabuleux Destin

Latest annual issue from the magazine Pilote, published in June 2010.
This special issue explores the ties between cinema and comics.

My little contribution, making fun of the famous French movie "Amelie".



Commission for the CD artwork from the band Zérocratie, the challenge was to do something with a different style than the punk stuff i'm used to deal with.



Recycling old material for the merchandise stuff sold by the band Coche Bomba during their latest Mexican / U.S. tour.
Said merchandise consists of a couple of T-shirts and a discography CD, all manufactured in Mexico.


Tape cover

Commission for a tape from the local punk rockers Lexomyl.
Tried to create some narrative with their songs lyrics.
There's possibility to expand the pictures by clicking it for a better detailed view.


Sueño Ilustrado

"Que me comí una salchicha gigante y tardé 8 meses."
"I dreamed that I spent 8 months eating a giant sausage

Illustration commissioned for a book gathering children dreams illustrated by different artists. More illustrated dreams can be seen here.

Of course, this drawing can reminisce the cover of that Philip Jose Farmer book i've read during my teenage years...


Charvieux Chavagneux

We were greeted by this very scary graffiti while entering the charming town of Charvieux Chavagneux.

Some books were signed...

NLB 88 might be the name of the neo-nazi biker gang terrorizing the streets of Charvieux, they shall not pass...