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Ya salió el número 4 de la Suda Mery K! Habiéndola leído les puedo decir que es lo mejor que se está editando acá. Presten especial atención al especial monográfico de Ivan Brun, un autor francés venido del under galo. Impresionante.
Pero por si fuera poco, también hay buenas dosis de, entre otros, Saenz Valiente, el sorprendente Renzo Vayra, Marcelo Dsalete y un excelente artículo de Carlos Nine hablando sobre sus influencias locales. También en este número podrán encontrar la historieta "Espíritu de Cuerpo",
que hice junto a Dante Ginevra. Qué lindo es publicar en semejante companía.

Published in Argentina by Ex Abrupto
Available in comic book shops in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

Graphic novel • Een jong Japans stel strandt in Frankrijk tijdens hun tournee met een videoperformance. Ze doden de tijd met EXil, een verslavend spel waarbij je langzaam in een robot verandert. Ryu is geflipt als bedenker van games. Mui is verkoopster in een mangaboekwinkel. Collega’s van haar verdienen een centje bij met afspraakjes bij klanten thuis, verkleed als mangapersonages. Ryu en Mui zijn van een generatie zonder idealen. Schuilen in een virtuele wereld van games, anime en internet biedt hen een schamele troost.

“Your world reduced to a monitor screen… finger fucks a keyboard into extasy…”

Korte strips • In de korte verhalen van Ivan Brun (1971) beginnen ze lekker, de jongeren uit de Franse banlieus. Maar het is midden jaren ’90 en ze struikelen over de recessie. Hun toekomst blijkt zo leeg als een woestijnlandschap, net als hun gevoelsleven. En langzaam vult hun vat zich met semtex, dat een explosieve uitweg zoekt…
Ivan Brun is actief in de underground scene van Lyon met muurschilderingen, publieke performances en zijn hardcore band Coche Bomba. Van Brun verscheen eerder Otaku, een coproductie met Lionel Tran.

Published in the Netherlands by Uitgeverij Xtra


Rough sketch painted on kraft paper back in 1999.
That drawing belongs more to the field of political cartoons than "Fine Arts" painting. The idea behind it wasn't precise at that time, looking at it now it looks like politicians at a G8 summit discussing developpement and global warming issues...haha



Acrylic on cardboard,
done in 1995, relates to the Anti-Terrorist paranoïa from those years.



Due to its numerous material contingencies, painting is a leisure more suitable for rich or retired people. Using the facilities and empty spaces from squatts was a good way to bypass the problem of renting.
Discarded blue plastic sheets were used to cover a thick layer of grease and used oil left on the floor.


Still Life

Sketches painted on some blue plastic wrap.

View from the studio.

The Final white strokes had been added.

That "Still Life" was elaborated from a broken car stereo and a rubber doll whose belly had been opened up with a boxcutter. it was a attempt to give a more contemporary approach of that subject. I noticed this canvas in particular tends to scare off the ladies, go figure...
It Sizes 85x130 centimeters, done in 1995 in the garage of a squatted basement which had been demolished since to be replaced by a municipal police station.


Street Painting

Story painted in a street in Orleans June 2nd 2007

Another story painted the next day, same place.
The Organic Comix artists in action.
Click on the pics to enjoy the paintings in full detail.



This piece had been done at the same time, same technique, same format...
The red tones used to paint the ground were so bright that it gives the impression that girl is surfing on a pool of raw meat, needless to say that wasn't intentional.



Oil on black canvas done in 2000, along with two sketches prior to its realization.
The final painting sizes 80 by 120 centimeters. No further comments for today...


Work In Progress...

Nostalgia again...
This painting had been done back in 1994 with the Organic Comix collective in a street animation organized by the Tony Garnier Urban Museum as a commemoration to the famous architect.
That piece sizes 10 meters long by two meters wide and had been painted within 4 hours, pictures took at different stages of its elaboration.
Unfortunately, the final result hadn't been documented and the wood panels had been destroyed in a house demolition five years ago.
As usual, click on the pics to enjoy a full view...


Work in Progress

Untitled piece from 1993, sizes 150 by 230 centimeters, took at three different stages.


Stray Bullet

Done during an evening in February 1995 in the occupied social center "La Guindalera", Madrid, Spain.



Pages made in 2004, published in the last issue from El Vibora, Click on the pictures to enjoy a full-view. Even if that's not obvious, that story relates to the psychological warfare tactics used by the paramilitary forces in Colombia.


Don't Mess with Cops...

Seems things are changing drastically regarding freedom of speech in our beautiful country of milk and honey.
After Rap bands being sued for lyrics dealing in bad terms with the national police forces, it's time for a cartoonist to meet the justice for a drawing depicting a cop face with a strangely looking pig nose.
No big deal you may think, but it raises some interesting questions for the years to come: Who will guard the guardians? Are we quiting a fake democracy to enter a soft dictatorship?

more details about the case here:



This illustration had been recycled for the cover of the cultural news magazine Kiblind, which is printed at 10000 copies and which can be found for free in many trendy places in our lovely city of Lyon. A city which claims to value arts and culture but where the people don't know how to party until 6 a.m. ... Before going to sleep, there's the possibility to download a pdf version of the mag there . Good Night.

Another variation on the same image, how to make those stupid bears fit in a "punk" looking image. trying to re-create the cheap cut and paste feel while using a computer...




That was the second band were i performed some vocal duties.
the band existed for 9 months, between September 1989 to June 1990.
You can click on the links to hear some audio samples.


Graphite and acrylic on paper, sizes approximatively 80 by 120 centimeters, done back in 1998, original got lost. Doesn't matter anyway... by the way, i was not completely satisfied by that drawing. Just check how the legs are attached to the hips...


Don't Mess...

I had often been told that messing art with politics is a very bad thing.
The magazine where i published my recent works had been closed by the media giant Lagardère Active Media last December. Seems now there's little or almost no room to express different opinions within the mainstream media.

More info about the magazine demise here
Transnationale.org has some detailed info about the Lagardere Group as well as for other multinational corporations.

Rock in Squatt

Here are some vids i took to document the musical activity of a squatted venue that had opened recently in Lyon. Those kind of places are unfortunately kind of short-lived in France and chances are the squatt will be closed in the next months...
Shooting those cheap videos are also a fun way to experiment sequential art and narration in a different field than what i'm doing with comics.
you can check my Youtube channel there: (^_^)

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