Vortex V

Raw black and white Vatican themed illustrations done for the local graph-zine Vortex. Issued last November, printed at 111 copies and featuring Alice Dugas, Archi Sev, Bal tazar, Benjamin Triouleyre, Biau, Boitaju, Gaëlle Loth, Guillaume Soulatges, J.M. Bertoyas, Jon Vaughn, Kinga Sofalvi, Laura Holdein Lane, Madame Lapin, Mehdi Beneitez, Mosa, Newyork, Nota, Omick, Ricky Valencia, Stéven Stéréotype Marcato, Totipote, 1port, Victor Dvnkel, X-one, and me. More info about the zine on their site and FB page.

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