Cover Study, at last...

Finally, i nailed it.
that will be the cover for my upcoming comic book, which is under the presses right now, and will be officially released in bookstores for September 8th to 10th.
Unfortunately, the multinational logos appearing on the camouflage jacket won't be shown on the printed version. To my regret, because i think the drawing loses a lot of its sense and its impact by removing these. This is mainly due to copyright infringement issues and fear of litigation from my publisher, fine with me... After drawing many scenes of murder, rape and torture without any problems as long as my material is aimed at mature readers, it seems i passed close to the ultimate taboo in terms of drawn representation. While corporate logos are polluting our visual environment in public spaces, and while were subjected daily to hundreds of advertising messages, i came to realize we are forbidden as simple citizens or artists to fight back by scratching their image.
Desecrate and create...

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