Four pages published in the July issue of "L'echo des Savanes".
Note that the small pictograms i'm generally using in the speech balloons had been replaced by words.
The magazine chief editor feared that the pictograms were way too intricate and confusing for the vast majority of the readers, so he suggested replacing them by single words.
That's a brilliant idea for sure, and i think i will be working in that direction in the near future...

Nevertheless, you can try reading the unaltered version of that complicated, undecipherable little story below.
It was directly inspired by real facts regarding security issues in Iraq.


Finished Product

The Zerocratie CD and the Mexican pressing of the Coche Bomba CD are finally out. Regarding the printing quality and color reproduction, everything went out fine.


Fabuleux Destin

Latest annual issue from the magazine Pilote, published in June 2010.
This special issue explores the ties between cinema and comics.

My little contribution, making fun of the famous French movie "Amelie".