Suburban Wasteland

Flash back... I stumbled across this old 2005 painting while getting some film developed, and it brought me back a lot of memories, many things did happen in the last five years, and since 2007 and the recent capitalist crisis, be sure our world will never be the same again.
This painting was some sort of commission for a strange project called the "Reverse Cinema", where six different artists were doing a fake cinema poster, then, some people will imagine a scenario and shoot a short film out of it. Ironically, seem that i had been the loser of the bunch, nobody did a short film out of my poster, the painting wasn't hung properly and fell on the street, it was stored somewhere, supposed to be sold and then disappeared forever. These poor quality photos are the only remaining trace of that painting.
Fun fact is that was painted in September 2005, one month before the french ghetto riots erupted...

A short glimpse of the painting appear at 1'21''and 2'17''shot during the opening night.

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