" No More Seasons "

CD and booklet cover. Click to enlarge.

Design for the CD.
Cover design for an upcoming CD sampler featuring 4 different independent Hip-Hop bands. Bands featured are Apraxie, Nunc Est Bibendum, Pizzza and Tête De Cerf...


Book Sign... pt.2

This character is supposed to represent the famous dead painter Paul Cezanne...

...who lived and worked in the beautiful and posh city of Aix-en-Provence...

A nod to the cover of the latest comic book drawn by Tanxxx...

Hand-made T-shirt design made on the spot.


Book Signatures

Dedication doodles done during the Bd Aix festival / comics fair.
Lines are quite loose, this is what you can call "drunk drawing"...
the three last pictures are a nod to the G-20 summit happening the same week-end, where the world leaders were busy finding solutions to refuel the global financial system... Alleluia.



This piece of work had been realised within 4 days last March, inside a nine square meter wood cubicle.
Most tatoo material is sourced from Sidney Snoeck pictures took in the Bilibid Prison in Manila.
Check this beautiful series of Philippine Gang tattoos, which are quite raw, kitsch, intriguing and beautiful at the same time.
Click on the following link: my sarisari store/gang-tattoos/

9 m2 pt.2