Thursday, May 29, 2008

Viñetas Sueltas, again

Cover for a badly xeroxed fanzine compiling the contributions from the participants of my workshop. The main objective was adapting newspapers articles in a single comic page.

Young participants of an informal meeting at the youth center "Fundacion Defensores del Chaco", in Moreno, a neibourhood in the outskirts of Buenos Aires.
Info about the center here:

Drawing done on the spot at the said meeting...

Exhibition of my works at the Alliance Française of Buenos Aires. The Argentine edition from Lowlife sold well, couldn't even bring my own copies back!

Theater in Corrientes Avenue...

The first comic festival in Buenos Aires was a blast, that was a great opportunity to meet and discover the works from confirmed and aspiring comic artists from different parts of South America, as Lucas Varela, Alejandra Lunik, Marcelo Dsalete do Brasil, Paola Gaviria from Colombia, Jorge Perez Ruibal from Perù,
Salvador Sanz, Javier Suppa, Ernan Ciriani coordinating the festival along with mr.Thomas Dassance ,
Polaco Scalerandi and Gaston Souto from the crazy Lule Le Lele team, Julian Sequeira, Gustavo Sala, and many more that i forgot to mention...
Thanks again to the organizers and the cultural institutions who made it possible...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Viñetas Sueltas

The poster for the first international comic festival held in Buenos Aires from May 20th to May 24th. Art by Lucas Varela.
Details about the festival can be found there

Cover for the South American version of Lowlife that should be published soon...
More information later.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pictobello 2008

Pictobello is an event happening in the streets of Vevey, Switzerland...

20 different artists had to realize an illustration on empty advertising billboards sizing 270cm x 130 cm during the day.

My finished piece, click on the picture for a full detailed view...

List of the participants, 16 Swiss and 3 French:

> Vincent Gravé (F)
> Soluto (F)
> Emy Amstein (CH) 08
> Louiza Becquelin (CH)
> Christian Bovey (CH)
> Mathias Forbach (CH)
> Jo Germond (CH)
> Karen Ichters (CH)
> Mathias Rihs (CH)
> Ben (CH)
> Serval (CH) -Illustrateur.
> Walder (CH)
> Ivan Brun (F)
> Sarah Haug (CH)
> Joëlle Isoz (CH)
> Valentin Kissling (CH)
> Emmanuelle Klaefiger (CH)
> Katia Orlandi (CH)
> Nicole Rossi (CH)