Still Life

Sketches painted on some blue plastic wrap.

View from the studio.

The Final white strokes had been added.

That "Still Life" was elaborated from a broken car stereo and a rubber doll whose belly had been opened up with a boxcutter. it was a attempt to give a more contemporary approach of that subject. I noticed this canvas in particular tends to scare off the ladies, go figure...
It Sizes 85x130 centimeters, done in 1995 in the garage of a squatted basement which had been demolished since to be replaced by a municipal police station.

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xkillalalala said...

quelle belle fin n'est-ce pas ? Je parle pour le squatt, bref moi ça m'effraie pas du tout, la première peinture me fait penser à un charnier... dommage que tu ne veuille plus peindre. call me. zoubi