Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Works On Paper

Some acrylics on paper, 1995.


This scratchboard illustration had been done in 1997, for a CD cover featuring the latest batch of french H/C bands from those years... Unfortunately the design came out totally blurred and dirty because the record label printed it on some sort of recycled cardboard, so you can enjoy it in full detail 7 years later... Merry X-mas !!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

baby boom/papy mood

The same ideas developped on that lil' story which touchs on the retirement pensions reform among other things. After the collapse of the welfare system that will happen in the next 20 years in Europe, it will be time to be prepared for a pretty tough future.... or to save money for a private pension fund...

Baby Boom

The fear of getting old in a violent and fucked up world....
Click on the picture to enlarge and enjoy the details of course...

Wasted Dreams

Hello, after a few months without any updates, it's time to add some more database here....
This illustration was intented for my latest painting show that took place in Albi ( south-Western France) between December 8th & December 11th for Rétine comics festival organized by the underground comics publisher 'les Requins Marteaux'. The pieces displayed on that show were mainly portraits of Asian mail-order brides. More exhibits tackling this subject matter are planned for 2006.....

Though it's not very informative about their publishing activities, here's a link to their website:

Thursday, July 28, 2005


These drawings were done back in 1993, i've just added the halftones last week to give some more depth and to re-use it for a fanzine. The intention back then was to reflect the strange mood of these times: In France, economic recession and unemployment rates were at their peak, there was also the civil wars developping in Yugoslavia and Algeria. That was a fucking depressing period for many people, as a consequence, birth rates were rather low. Back in those days, i was still studying in Fine-Arts...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Third World Crime

Caloocan City exec escapes ambush

July 15, 2005 Updated 11:25pm (Mla time) Nancy C. Carvajal Inquirer News Service

AN OFFICIAL of the Caloocan City government survived an ambush and even managed to kill one of his alleged assailants shortly before noon yesterday, the police said.
Alfonso Sta. Maria, head of the Caloocan City Department of Public Safety and Traffic Management (DPSTM) as well as the Environmental Sanitation Services (ESS), escaped unhurt with two companions.
However, a tricycle driver was wounded when he was hit by a stray bullet.Sta. Maria told reporters that he and his companions were on their way to the office of ESS at about 11:30 a.m. when four men on two motorcycles shot at them along Biglang Awa Street.
100 meters from office He said they were about 100 meters away from the ESS office when the four men appeared behind his Nissan X-trail. One tandem drove ahead of them and tried to block their path as the other opened fire at them, hitting the sport utility vehicle's back window. Sta. Maria said he maneuvered his vehicle and bumped one of the motorcycles, throwing two of the attackers onto the ground. The two attackers ran away but Sta. Maria got out of his vehicle and opened fire at them, hitting one of the gunmen in the back of the head and killing him on the spot. The three other assailants fled. In the exchange of fire, a bullet hit a tricycle driver who was eating lunch at an eatery.
Sta. Maria said that he told his companions to take the gun of the fallen gunman to make sure that he would not be able to fire again.

Shooting practice pays off
"My shooting practice paid off, but I'm still bewildered of the events," the official said.
He added that he could be the one who wounded the bystander.
"My staff brought the wounded man to the hospital and he is OK," Sta. Maria said.
He related that before proceeding to his office, he went to a bank in the area to drop off some papers. "I came from a bank but I did not have a big amount of money with me," Sta. Maria said. Police said the dead gunman was wearing a bull cap, denims, a gray polo shirt and brown rubber shoes, and was not carrying any identification cards. Found on him was a cell phone, an undetermined amount of cash in different denominations, and a broken pair of sunglasses. City police chief Supt. Leo Garra said they were still looking into possible motives in the slay try.

Possible motives
"It could be professional, political or a robbery attempt since today is payday," Garra said.
As DPSTM head, Sta. Maria's main job is to enforce peace and order with the local police and to ensure the smooth flow of traffic in the city.
A person close to Sta. Maria said Mayor Enrico Echiverri also trusted the DPSTM head in handling local government programs, such as contracts on garbage collection and some infrastructure projects.
For his part, Sta. Maria said he could not imagine why anyone would want to harm him. "I have not received a single threat and my job is to help improve the lives of residents by making sure of their safety," he said. He pointed out that he would act on requests or complaints of residents no matter how trivial these were.
According to an intelligence officer, the DPSTM chief could have been a victim of the "Enduro Gang," a robbery group operating in the area. The officer said it appeared that the gunmen could have followed Sta. Maria from the bank but did not know who he really was. He added that robberies were rampant in the area, usually victimizing Filipino-Chinese businessmen, who do not report such incidents to the police.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pays Emergent

Well, another painting done in 2000, the place depicted here could epitomize the situation of a "developping country", in fact, it looks strangely like the Republic of the Philippines.
I added some close-ups as that painting is very detailed.
OK, no further comments...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Vomit For Breakfast

This piece had been done in June 2005. It's also intented to be published as a record cover.

Street Urchin

The title says it all...
The second piece is for the sleeve of a split ep featuring two latin-american punk bands, Migra Violenta from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sick Terror from Sao Paulo, Brasil. This slab of plastic should be out for the fall of the year.
Click on the pictures to enlarge, of course...

Weary Girl

This piece is an attempt to do coloring wth a computer...

Saturday, July 09, 2005


This piece titled "Dreamer" had been done in 2000. I decided to drop out painting few months later.


Hello, This little story is about the tragedy who did happen in the Ycua Bolaños shopping mall back in August 2004 in Asuncion, Paraguay. Enjoy...


Dump Site was the title of an art show held in Toulouse back in 2003, where all the pieces had been painted within five days work on the spot, using cheap acrylic paint on large sheets of cardboards found on the street...