Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Don't Mess with Cops...

Seems things are changing drastically regarding freedom of speech in our beautiful country of milk and honey.
After Rap bands being sued for lyrics dealing in bad terms with the national police forces, it's time for a cartoonist to meet the justice for a drawing depicting a cop face with a strangely looking pig nose.
No big deal you may think, but it raises some interesting questions for the years to come: Who will guard the guardians? Are we quiting a fake democracy to enter a soft dictatorship?

more details about the case here:


Anonymous said...

yo. tu crois vraiment qu'il y a déjà eu une "normalité" en ce bas monde? on est tous complétement à l'ouest, prenant la réalité avec trop de naïveté, en attendant toujours des lendemains enchanteurs, et finalement misérables. kiss boy hilda

Sidney said...

That is frightening!